Anchored in Understanding

We understand not everyone deals with marine insurance every day. We understand that sometimes managing a marine insurance claim can be daunting.

We are here to provide the support you and your client need, when you need us most – when something has gone wrong.

Our goal is to make your lives easier by giving you and your client the specialist advice and claims service you need, when you need it with the minimum of fuss. You can be confident that no matter the size or complexity of the claim we will provide expert support.

Our claims service is focused on quality, precision and the understanding of when a pragmatic and practical approach is needed to manage your claim and bring it to settlement as fairly and promptly as possible.

Our knowledge runs deep

In the claims team of 5, there is a shared total of more than 80 years of experience

Michael Millott  Claims Manager, Technical 30 years 
Annie Burca  Senior Claims Consultant 17 years
Meeghan Thomas Claims Consultant 14 years
Lana Gray Claims Consultant 12 years
Mabel Yeung Assistant Claims Consultant 6 years

Our team meets daily to discuss any claims that may need a solution that is ‘outside the box’ having a strong team means there are constantly new ideas and ways we can achieve best practice. 

This team is empowered to make decisions, they operate in the space that makes best use of their individual strengths – together those individual strengths make this team one of the best in the business.

People are people – not numbers

We have a reputation for responsiveness and positive outcomes. We pro-actively ask our brokers for their feedback on how we have managed their client’s claim. We take all suggestions for improvement very seriously – we set high standards for our team members, we want to be the best. We are constantly reviewing our processes and looking for ways to improve.

While you might see other marine insurers claiming to be the biggest and brightest, we’ve been here, executing for our clients for the last 10 years.

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If you have a language other than English as your first language we have a serivce available to make communicating with us easier for you.

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