Wed Dec 2 2020

Having recently won the Excellence Award for Underwriting Agency Claims Team of the Year at the Insurance Business Awards, we felt this was a good time to share some insight into an integral member of our claims team and explore how Meeghan Thomas works with the team to provide excellent customer service and positive outcomes for our customers. 

Meeghan has been with AM&T for a little over 18 months and it is no surprise to learn that she is a team player, both at work with the AM&T claims team and as goalkeeper for her hockey team. Here is what she had to say about working at AM&T. 

Name: Meeghan Thomas

Company Role: Claims Consultant, Sydney

Years of industry experience: 15 years 

Describe your role at AM&T?

As a Claims Consultant at AM&T, my day-to-day role involves reviewing, investigating and managing claims cases. I assess the information presented along with all the supporting documentation for each case. It is my role to review each case and compare the claim against the customer’s policy wording and schedule. Where possible, the ultimate goal is to finalise the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible so as to allow the customer to move forward with their business operation.

In the complex world of Marine insurance, every claim is different, each requires a level of investigation. My past experience in marine insurance, teamwork and ongoing learning opportunities enables me to make the decisions necessary in resolving each claim.

What was your first-ever job?

Believe it or not, my first-ever job was as a business services officer in a marine insurance agency, from there I moved into claims and have never looked back. Marine is in my blood and I am a second-generation ‘Marino’. My father worked in marine insurance for as long as I can remember. Dad and I both worked for the same company for a few years, I was in claims and he was in underwriting. Dad has since retired, however, we still discuss marine insurance over dinner and he still teaches me a thing or two from his experiences.

What do you enjoy about working at AM&T?

I have enjoyed my time so far at AM&T. What makes it a special place to work is most definitely the team. We have a very diverse group of people with very different backgrounds, mindsets and experience. When we all come together and bring our experience and knowledge to the table, we can rise to the challenge and overcome any obstacles. 

I also enjoy all the continued learning opportunities. There is never a dull moment in marine claims, nothing is ever black and white!

What advice would you give a newcomer to the industry? 

My advice to a newcomer would be to never stop learning. Don't be intimidated by marine insurance, it is a complex world, but that means every situation is different and you will never be bored.

What do you enjoy doing on your days off?

When I am not playing indoor hockey, outdoor hockey or training for the next hockey match, I like to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is a bush walk or a stroll along the beach. More recently I’ve enjoyed being a tourist in my own city. 

shout out to your favourite charity..…

The "Heart on My Sleeve" organisation is a mental health charity that empowers people to be real about how they feel. It is all about breaking the stigma of mental health in encouraging people to wear their heart on their sleeve by sharing their personal story about mental health struggles. This movement is important to me because I know so many people who have been impacted by mental health. It really is nothing to be ashamed of and this movement allows people to realise they are not alone. We are all in this world together and need to support each other.

Find out more about Heart on my Sleeve here.