Fri Jul 31 2020

Last week, we said farewell to Robin Harman, who has been a valued member of the AM&T team for the past 8 years, heading up the Claims and Corporate, Speciality and Multinational Business areas. He has been a wealth of knowledge with over 40 years’ experience gained across the marine insurance industry in Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Robin has always personified AM&T’s values, in sharing his depth of knowledge, his focus on personalised service for our clients and his loyal support to the entire team.

We wish him all the best for a long and happy retirement. Before he walked out the door, we took one more opportunity to spend 5 minutes with Robin.


Name: Robin Harman

Company role: Manager - Corporate Specialty and Multinational

Years of experience: 44 years in insurance, started at Lloyd's of London, moved into Average Adjusting, and then insurance broking before joining AM&T in 2012.

Specific areas of expertise: A bit of everything, but probably most focused towards the H&M and P&I areas of marine insurance.

What was your first-ever job?

Cargo Claims Assessor at Lloyd's Underwriters Claims Office.

What have you liked about working at AM&T?

It has been great to be part of a specialised team who work very well together and to be part of the substantial growth we’ve enjoyed in the past eight years.

What advice would you give a newcomer to the industry?

Retain an open mind and take a personal interest in the class of insurance. 

What was the most challenging claim/policy you have had to handle during your time at AM&T?

Some of the larger infrastructure and renewable energy projects which we have been handling for the past three years which has been a continuous learning opportunity in respect to the equipment and transportation methods. It really brought into play our specialisation. Insuring Tunnel Boring machines capable of cutting a tunnel to accommodate three lanes of traffic and insuring the transportation of wind farms with blades in excess of 68 m long are examples.

What will you do on your first day of retirement?

Help one of our four children with their house renovations!

And then…

I have always wanted to become a volunteer with Marine Rescue and retirement offers the opportunity to do so. I will be joining the Lake Macquarie Unit which is close to where I live. This unit alone handles almost 1 in 5 of all calls managed by NSW Marine Rescue and its funding relies substantially on public support.  Part of the requirement of becoming a volunteer will be to help with funding as well as working in the operational area. This is my opportunity to support a key community organisation. 

A quote to live by:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt