Wed Sep 29 2021

Vikram Dogra has been with the AM&T team for 5 years. In fact, we recently celebrated his 5-year work anniversary.

Vikram brings years of technical underwriting experience to the team. His policy knowledge is second to none and he thrives in the detail and complexities of marine underwriting. Many brokers may know Vikram as our go-to person for support and advice with AM&T online policies.

In our latest 5 minutes with the team interview series, we get to know Vikram a little better.

Name: Vikram Dogra
Title: Underwriter
Years of Experience (at AM&T): 5 years
Years of experience in the industry: 9 years

What was your first-ever job?

After graduating from university, my first job was selling personal loans for Citibank. In 2006, I came to Australia to study and complete my MBA at the University of Queensland.

I then moved to Melbourne and started with Allianz in 2009 in an accounting role before moving to Sydney where I started my career in marine insurance working with Zurich and finally coming full circle back to Allianz working within AM&T’s underwriting team.

What have you liked most about working at AM&T?

The wealth of experience and willingness of everyone to help each other. The entire team is always open to sharing their knowledge and expertise. It is a supportive environment where you are encouraged to expand your knowledge and continue to grow your skills.

Describe a day in your life at AM&T?

My typical day involves interacting with brokers and colleagues, underwriting and working on various projects. Over the past few years, I have been working closely with key accounts in our tailored policy area, however as the popularity of our online system grows, I’ve been focused on supporting this side of the business.

Brokers seem to appreciate the convenience of AM&T online, however, they especially appreciate that our team is just a phone call or email away if they get stuck or need help along the way.

What are you known for or would like to be known for at AM&T?

I am a technical person by nature and thrive in detail and complexity. I enjoy problem solving and with my technical knowledge of the policies, I am relied upon for being able to utilise this technical product knowledge to address any complexities which may arise in the underwriting process.

What advice would you give a newcomer to the industry?

Find a mentor and trust your gut feeling.

What has been your most challenging policy from an underwriting perspective?

I enjoyed the challenge of working on hull renewals. Underwriting hull is a specialisation within a specialisation, and something I look forward to working on more in the future.

What do you enjoy doing on your days off?

I have two small children so my time off is usually spent enjoying time with the family. I’ve recently been teaching my 5-year-old daughter to ride a bike which was fun. In the past I have enjoyed fast paced action activities such as rally car racing, but now enjoy go-karting and a spot of golf.

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